Under the banner Shawn Mrazek Lives!, the Vancouver veteran releases his solo debut, Thought He Was Dead, a boisterous, breathless, and white-hot collection of songs teeming with manic life and loads of heart. Mrazek's vocals have earned (deserving) comparisons to Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, with offbeat, zealous delivery and his music’s electric heart.

Thought He Was Dead is a telling glimpse into the cagily optimistic mind of Shawn Mrazek. It’s the idiosyncratic sunny side on display that differentiates these tunes and will keep you coming back. Mrazek’s tunes bring a rush of impassioned hope to a genre often relegated to stale aggression or affected chest-beating.

The end result is consistently poignant and strangely beautiful with respect to the Mrazek’s jittery, oft-howled delivery. The abundance of joy packed into the eight songs of Thought He Was Dead won’t be taken lightly by those who stumble upon it. The offbeat yelps, buzzsaw riffs and frenetic pacing of Mrazek’s delivery bolster the singularly melodic punch all over this record. After several listens, Thought He Was Dead won’t only grab your attention it may resurrect your faith in some of the healing power of rock and roll. Songs of exodus, self-discovery, joy, and freedom!

Occupations: Singer-Songwriting, Multi-Instrumentalist.